When young children are small, they could care less about having a bright and lovely smile. When they do care, usually in pre-adolescence or their early teens, it's too late to have that stunning natural smile. So, can we coach our young children how vital brushing is and make it a life long habit that will serve them nicely all their life? According to a San Francisco dentist and many of the dental profession, the key would be to make it fun and make it a routine.

Pre-schoolers, for instance, find out from rhyme, music and repetition. By creating it enjoyable and exciting and possibly even setting it to music, they're more prone to understand the proper ways to brush their teeth plus the factors behind it within the first place. Clarify that you'll find small bugs that live on our teeth that we cannot see. It is our job to clean them away. Maybe you'll want to make up a rhyme as you imply to them the way to brush up and down and all around. Or possibly you will need to buy one of the cool tooth brushes that play a tune for two minutes to ensure that they know when they've brushed long enough.

Just remember, get excited about it being time to brush their teeth and make a major deal out of it to other members of the family. Watch them show off their new found skills to their brothers, sisters or grandparents to encourage the vital skills. Following they've realized the way to do it, take them to the store and let them select the tooth brush they believe is the best bug killer. If they have a stake in picking out the brush and paste, they'll expect making use of them.

By doing it a enjoyable, engaging and exciting time for your kid, brushing your teeth is going to be come a behavior that they'll take with them through their whole lives. A healthy mouth of teeth will lead to huge smiles and improved self-confidence as they become adults, so motivate the practice each and every single night. As they go to see their San Francisco dentist in the future, their positive re-enforcement will simply encourage the habit as they grow older.

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